More Potty Talk

First, a My Two Cents Update:  The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has decided to just cancel its planned Democratic Gubernatorial Debate, rather than try to come up with a way to make it palatable with 10-candidates demanding to be on the stage.  The WBA says it now wants to focus just the general election–when the field of candidates will be just two.  Personally, I think they found out that the venue I suggested for the ten person debate–Circus World–wasn’t available on July 27th.  Ironically, now that the debate is canceled, those candidates will have to pay us WBA members to get out their message.


Now onto today’s My Two Cents topic: More potty talk.


The Milwaukee Bucks were very proud to announce yesterday that their new arena will feature “gender neutral” bathrooms.  Officials were trying to pass this off as some gesture of acceptance and tolerance–but in reality, it’s no different than the single bathrooms found in many small businesses and offices around the country.  All they did was put a sign out front with a traditional male figure, a female figure and a figure wearing half a dress and suddenly it’s a statement of social justice.


Now don’t worry guys, there will still be plenty of facilities labeled Men’s Rooms–with lines of urinals allowing us to “splash and go” and make it back to our seats before the end of the TV timeout.  And ladies, you will still have your gender specific facilities–with the long lines outside–no matter how many stalls they put in there.  But more than likely, the inclusion of “gender neutral” potties will not be good enough.


“Separate but equal” will not satiate those who believe they are “gender fluid”.  They will still want to use the gender-specific facility with they are identifying at that time.  So that will mean people with female genitalia using the men’s rooms and people with male genitalia using the women’s room.  Guys won’t care–unless they are in there with their sons.  But someone with male features in the ladies room is sure to generate complaints–which will be answered with accusations of bigotry.


As I’ve suggested when this issues has been raised in public schools, engineers should now create what would basically be indoor lines of Port-a-Potties–hallways filled with narrow doors opening to single stalls and small sinks thereby guaranteeing that nobody sees something they don’t want to see.  Yes, it will slow the process and leads to lines for all genders–but that is the price we will have to pay for “progress”, I guess.  Or as I have suggested before, “go before you go” and avoid the controversy altogether.


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