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Herman Cain withdraws from Fed consideration, Trump says

President Donald Trump said Monday that his embattled Federal Reserve pick Herman Cain has withdrawn from consideration for a seat on the bank’s powerful board of governors. In a tweet, Trump announced that the former Republican presidential candidate, a “truly wonderful man,” has asked not to be nominated for a seat on the board of…MORE

Social Security won’t be able to pay full benefits by 2035

If Congress doesn’t act soon, tens of millions of Americans will only receive about three-quarters of their Social Security benefits when they retire. The combined trust funds of Social Security and Medicare will be tapped out by 2035, according to an annual report released Monday by trustees of the government’s two largest entitlement programs. That’s…MORE

Trump claims ‘nobody disobeys my orders,’ defying Mueller’s account

President Donald Trump contended Monday that none of his underlings routinely defy his commands, despite numerous examples contained in Robert Mueller’s report showing aides ignoring or refusing his dictates. “Nobody disobeys my orders,” Trump said during a walkabout on the South Lawn for the annual Easter egg roll. He was questioned by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins…MORE

US Navy investigating ‘recording device’ found in women’s bathroom aboard ship

US Navy criminal investigators are looking into a report that a female Marine discovered a “recording device” in the women’s bathroom of one of its ships. Cdr. Kyle Raines, a spokesperson for the Navy’s 6th Fleet, confirmed Monday that the service is investigating a device found in a bathroom aboard the USS Arlington amphibious transport…MORE

What you need to know about the census controversy

A battle has been brewing over the 2020 Census: Should every member of the US population be asked about citizenship status? Both sides say their position will produce a more accurate accounting of the population. Critics say asking about citizenship could scare minorities from responding and leave them uncounted. Supporters say a better understanding of…MORE

Rudy Giuliani’s moral blindness on Russian ‘dirt’ is stunning

Since signing on as President Donald Trump’s lead lawyer responding to the Mueller probe, Rudy Giuliani has said a number of outlandish things. But none were more outlandish than what he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, when questioned about three of the Trump campaign’s top aides meeting with Russians who had promised dirt on…MORE

GOP senator says she doesn’t think it’s ‘necessary’ for Mueller to testify

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Monday she didn’t think testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller would be necessary in the days ahead, a sign of the clear split between Republicans and Democrats about how to pursue the findings from the two-year probe into President Donald Trump and his…MORE

Trump, sons sue to block House Democrats from obtaining his financial records

President Donald Trump is going to court to try to block a Democratically-controlled congressional committee from obtaining his financial records through a subpoena. The lawsuit is the first case where Trump has sued to try to stymie House Democrats’ investigations into the President. But the court filing is only the first skirmish in what’s likely…MORE

Supreme Court will take up LGBT employee discrimination cases next term

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider whether a federal employment discrimination law that bans discrimination based on sex also encompasses discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identification. Lower courts have split on the issue that is of critical importance to LGBT rights supporters who are seeking broadened protections. The Trump administration has said…MORE


When the “Victims” Strike Back

A lot of terms were used to describe the man that opened fire on Republicans members of Congress at their baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday.  “Bernie Sanders supporter”, “left wing extremist”, “disturbed”, and “troubled” were the most common used by those investigating the matter, those who were among the targets and those who…

Less Than Compelling

Usually us curmudgeons like to go on and on about how sports, music and movies were better in “our day”.  I think that you can add Congressional hearings to that list as well.  That’s what I was thinking during both the James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony the last couple of weeks.  While…

Un-settling the Science

While James Comey was sucking up all the oxygen in the room, there was a pretty major science announcement last week.  It turns out that the human species might be much older than we originally thought.  Fossils found in Morocco place our earliest ancestors on the planet as far back as 350-thousand years ago.  Until…

Open Week

Welcome to US Open week here in Wisconsin.  Many of you will be venturing down to Erin (or Hartford or Richfield–I’ve seen all three used to describe the location of the course in stories) for practice rounds the next three days–or for the competitive rounds Thursday through Sunday (and possibly Monday–more on that later).  Here…