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The evolution of the saddle

The evolution of the saddle

(CNN) – When Julius Caesar rode into battle during the height of the Roman conquests, its likely his saddle looked more like a spatchcock chicken that its modern-day equivalent.With four horns andMORE

How to design a luxury superyacht

How to design a luxury superyacht

LONDON, Uk (CNN) – When super-rich clients spend tens of millions on a superyacht, they expect something unique. That’s where studios such as Britain’s Winch Design step in, tasked with making a 2,MORE


Profiting Off the Dead

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen died on Monday, leaving behind a net worth of $20.3 BILLION.  While I’m sure that his family and co-workers are saddened by his passing, those most disappointed are Socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders and likely-Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez–who will see another mega-billionaire not have to pay his “fair share” despite being dead.   The current…

Not Helping the Planet a Large Amount at a Time

Because we have been doing it for so long now, sorting your recycling from your garbage seems like more of a chore and a bore than a positive step to “save the planet”.  It’s a good thing that recycling has become a routine in our lives.  Just this weekend, I felt bad throwing a plastic…

Meekly Staying Where We’ve Always Been

It is fitting that the Neil Armstrong movie First Man comes to theaters today–just a day after a Soyuz rocket failure leaves humankind with no reliable way to get a person into space.  In just fifty years we have gone from the greatest accomplishment in human history, to settling for low-earth orbit flight, to having…