A pride of 14 lions might have escaped from a South African national park

South African officials warned residents to beware of 14 lions that might have escaped from a national park Thursday.

The pride fled from Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves at over 7,500-plus square feet, and were spotted in the town of Phalaborwa near a mine, local officials said.

In a tweet, the province of Limpopo’s government urged mineworkers and residents to stay alert. Once (and if) they’re captured by authorities, they’ll be released back in the reserve.

Around 2,000 lions live in Kruger National Park, and it’s unclear how the 14 might have crept out. The sprawling park is fenced in along the boundary between Limpopo and the wildlife.

Big cats killed two people inside the park within the last two months.

A leopard killed a two-year-old boy in the park Tuesday. He was the son of one of the park’s staffers. A ranger later found and killed the animal.

Then in April, all that was left of a suspected rhino poacher were his skull and shorts after he was trampled by an elephant and then eaten by lions.


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