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When Your Heroes Let You Down

I’ve noted here before that Phil Mickelson is my favorite golfer.  His go-for-broke style on the course and the time that he makes for fans off the course endears him to millions of other golfers.  I’ve defended him in arguments that he is a phony and is just as snobbish as Tiger Woods–but that he puts…

We Choose Not To Do These Things Because They Are Hard

It’s real easy to be “outraged” about politics today.  It’s easy to post a scathing tweet or a Facebook update.  It’s easy to retweet a link to a article or to troll the social media account of the NRA or Fox News Channel or a lawmaker.  It’s easy to grab an Uber with your friends and…

Controlling the End

Just a warning, this My Two Cents is probably going to result in the greatest outrage of any I’ve ever done because it takes a non-emotional look at a very emotional issue: suicide.   We are being told that we need to have another “national conversation”–this time about suicide.  A couple of celebrity deaths last week…