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The Real Deep State

The time has come to place greater public scrutiny on some of the “less important” elements of local government.  The City of Oshkosh has a number of advisory boards and commissions that for years served as mere sounding boards or rubber stamps for proposals that came out of city departments.  But now, those board are…

The Biggest Loser

In a field of eight active candidates, there were bound to be some Democrats running for governor yesterday that were going to finish way behind–and six of those on the ballot failed to garner double digit support, while Superintendent Tony Evers was over 40%.  But it was the candidate that finished third in the race…

A Glaring Lack of Perspective

Back in the day when America got its information in the half-hour nightly newscasts on the broadcast networks, newsroom editors had the difficult–but important–job of deciding what stories were of enough importance to warrant some of that precious airtime.  Those editors and producers were blessed with a sense of perspective as to what was really…