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Punching a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Amazon has ended a year of suspense by deciding that it is going to split its new second headquarters–“HQ2”–between cities just outside of New York and Washington, DC.  Hundreds of cities across the country had put together presentations and incentives packages for the retail giant hoping to land the 50-thousand high-paying tech jobs and the…

The Baraboo “Nazis”

Until yesterday, Baraboo, Wisconsin was known primarily as the home of Circus World–the town where the traveling circuses of yesteryear wintered–and where the Great Circus Train originated.  Now, Baraboo, Wisconsin will be known as the home of the “High School Nazis”.   A prom photo appearing to show a group of high school boys making…

The Birth of the Common Sense Party

For the first time since the Progressive and Bull Moose members returned to the Republican Party in the 1930’s, there is fertile ground for the formation of a viable third party in the US.  Don’t let Libertarians or Green Party members fool you, they have no chance to win anything–and actually only serve to increase…