Plan to build Cambria Hotel along South Oneida Street in Ashwaubenon on hold

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WFRV) – One major development project was underway in the Lambeau Field area after getting approval from the village of Ashwaubenon.

“The Cambria hotel site, proposed several months back, maybe about five or six months, was originally proposed to be a five-story Cambria Hotel, but through the approval process with the village, the hotel was modified,” explained the Village of Ashwaubenon Village Manager, Joel Gregozeski. “The proposed hotel was modified to be a four-story, 100-room hotel with an interior restaurant and a lounge area for both hotel guests and the general public.”

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The site is located in Asheville Square, on the east side of Oneida Street, north of Sammy’s Pizza, but before the retail strip center where Buffalo Wild Wings and Jimmy John’s Subs is located.

The village of Ashwaubenon officials were recently notified that the property had been relisted, which has left the village wondering, ‘What now?’

“As of right now, we think that the project is on hold because we were alerted by the present landowner that they are relisting the property for sale, but we have not received any formal notification that the project has been canceled,” said Joel Gregozeski. “At this point for the village, it’s kind of a waiting game. It’s privately owned property, so it’s going to be up to that land owner and the developers to come to a final consensus as to what they’re going to do with that particular property as well as the project.”

Acts 1:8 Foundation, Inc. owns the property, and JCap Real Estate was the development group interested in developing the Cambria Hotel.

“It did receive formal village approval a few months back, and we were waiting for them to begin construction on that particular project with the hopes that the hotel would be constructed sometime between this March and April of 2025,” Gregozeski said. “The original proposal from the developers was that they were hoping to raise existing buildings on the site around November or December of 2023 with hopes of breaking ground shortly thereafter.”

Final occupancy would have happened sometime in the early spring of 2025, but now the Village Manager says they are in limbo.

“As of right now, we think that the project is on hold. We were alerted by the present landowner that they are listing the property for sale,” stated Gregozeski. “We have not received any formal notification that the project has been canceled or anything of that nature, so we believe that the project is kind of up air.”

Joel Gregozeski says it’s hard to say what the property’s recent sale means, but he says it would have been a great economic development for the already highly attractive area.

“There was some concern from residents about the size and scope of the project and the impacts the project may have on the surrounding neighborhoods, but there are other people that viewed it as an opportunity for Economic Development, and this was an investment in a site that had been, to some degree, underutilized,” he said. “We put a lot of effort and time into it listening to the residents’ and constituents’ concerns, and we spent a great deal of time working with the developers to create a project that would be complementary to the area.”

With Lambeau Field around the corner and the upcoming NFL Draft in Green Bay, Gregozeski told Local 5’s Samantha Petters it would have provided benefits for travelers coming to and from in support of the Packers.

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The future of that project is unknown, but he is confident there will be others to help the surrounding area grow exponentially.

“It is disappointing to see projects fail because we ultimately want people to succeed. We want our community to grow and develop appropriately and successfully,” said Gregozeski. “However, that area of the village in particular and the entire Greater Green Bay area is a highly attractive area for development, so I would suspect that we know we’ll see another opportunity come our way, and we continue to work our efforts to make sure that complements the area and supports the local economy.”