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My Two Cents

We hear all the time about how our technology has led to “isolation” in our society.  We ignore each other while sharing rooms or dinner tables–staring at our phones and tablets.  We head off to separate rooms to watch different television shows every night.  We play video game versions of sports and other activities rather…

Red Herrings

The Winnebago County Board will be voting tonight to clutter up the November ballot with non-binding referenda meant to increase Democratic turnout in a very contentious election year.  Two questions, one dealing with creating a non-partisan commission in Wisconsin to draw up legislative maps, the other to decriminalize and tax marijuana could go before voters…

When Your Heroes Let You Down

I’ve noted here before that Phil Mickelson is my favorite golfer.  His go-for-broke style on the course and the time that he makes for fans off the course endears him to millions of other golfers.  I’ve defended him in arguments that he is a phony and is just as snobbish as Tiger Woods–but that he puts…