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My Two Cents

This is Not How Any of This Works

As a fiscal conservative–and someone who believes in fiscal responsibility–I would normally applaud efforts by any elected official to demand an accounting for how taxpayer dollars are spent.  I’ve seen way too many budget workshops, public hearings and final votes that saw nobody question four percent increases in spending in one department’s budget and two…

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

We have a new controversy separating the country.  No, it’s not repressed memory accusations against a Supreme Court nominee or what show should have won an Emmy for best comedy.  The nation is now engrossed in an argument over whether Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie are gay.   The firestorm was lit by former Sesame…

The Show Trial of the Century

A couple of weeks ago, I played for you the opening statement of Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse during the Brett Kavanaugh nomination hearings where he lamented the Legislative Branch’s abdication of its powers prescribed in the Constitution.  It was Sasse’s point that such Supreme Court nominations have taken on a life or death hysteria because…