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My Two Cents

For Want of a Nail….

When I was a kid I read a nursery rhyme called “For Want of a Nail”.  It tells the story of how not having a nail to properly shoe a horse prevents an important message during war from being delivered and a kingdom falling to the enemy.  It was meant to teach us that the least…

Concerned Man #2

In the new, new, new economy, it’s important to have what the millenials like to call a “side hustle”–a part-time job to help you make ends meet–because you can’t be expected to pay for your student loans for that advanced degree in a field that you will never be able to find a job in,…

The Borrower is Slave to the Lender

Here is what the US is going to do about Saudi Arabia’s alleged murder of a dissident reporter at its consulate in Turkey: absolutely nothing.  And here is what the US is going to do about the disappearance of the Interpol President in China: absolutely nothing.  It’s entirely possible that President Trump or State Department…