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My Two Cents

The Obama Legacy

As he heads out of office today, talking heads are wondering what President Obama’s “legacy” will be.  It’s important for Presidents to have “legacies”–although I would be hard pressed to tell you what the legacies of Chester A Arthur, Franklin Pierce and Benjamin Harrison may have been.   Obviously, President Obama’s “legacy” was going to…

Doing Too Much

When you think about a state university, what do you believe should be its primary focus?  Educating kids, right?  And it’s second purpose should be conducting research that can benefit all of society, correct?  Anything beyond that is tertiary in importance and should be done only if resources are abundantly available.  That is why the…

A Final Slap in the Face

Wow. You’ve gotta hand it to President Obama–he really knows how to go out in style.  On the third-to-last day of his Presidency, Obama delivered the biggest slap in the face to his country by commuting the sentence of treason convict Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning.  Manning was to serve a 35-year prison sentence for stealing classified…