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But When We Get Behind Closed Doors

The meeting that everyone fears will speed up the end of civilization as we know it is now underway.  President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are meeting behind closed doors in Helsinki, Finland and only the worst is feared.  There is genuine concern that the President will just haphazardly spill classified information to Putin–who…

The Stuntmen of Washington

Everything you need to know about how Washington works nowadays is contained in the mini-drama that is Congressman Mark Pocan’s bill to do away with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.  The opening act featured Pocan making the rounds on the news networks promising to draft the measure–attacking ICE for their detaining illegal immigrants across the…

Toe the Line

Every spring there is a big media campaign to get everyone looking to dig up a new garden or planning to plant trees or put up a new fence to “call Diggers Hotline” at least three days before doing any excavating.  The ads feature ominous warnings about electrocution or explosions caused by rupturing underground utilities.  And…