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My Two Cents

A Glaring Lack of Perspective

Back in the day when America got its information in the half-hour nightly newscasts on the broadcast networks, newsroom editors had the difficult–but important–job of deciding what stories were of enough importance to warrant some of that precious airtime.  Those editors and producers were blessed with a sense of perspective as to what was really…

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

If you had awakened from a coma on Sunday afternoon and CBS’s coverage of the PGA Championship golf tournament was on the TV in your hospital room, you may have had a very hard time figuring out what decade it is.   For starters, you had Tiger Woods near the top of the leaderboard, making…

What a Waste

I used to get emails from a listener complaining that our stories about drug busts and dealer convictions shouldn’t include the street value of the drugs, how much cash a dealer may have been carrying or how much a drug ring moved into the community.  He feared that by letting people know how much money…