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Punching a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Amazon has ended a year of suspense by deciding that it is going to split its new second headquarters–“HQ2”–between cities just outside of New York and Washington, DC.  Hundreds of cities across the country had put together presentations and incentives packages for the retail giant hoping to land the 50-thousand high-paying tech jobs and the…MORE

The Baraboo “Nazis”

Until yesterday, Baraboo, Wisconsin was known primarily as the home of Circus World–the town where the traveling circuses of yesteryear wintered–and where the Great Circus Train originated.  Now, Baraboo, Wisconsin will be known as the home of the “High School Nazis”.   A prom photo appearing to show a group of high school boys making…MORE

The Birth of the Common Sense Party

For the first time since the Progressive and Bull Moose members returned to the Republican Party in the 1930’s, there is fertile ground for the formation of a viable third party in the US.  Don’t let Libertarians or Green Party members fool you, they have no chance to win anything–and actually only serve to increase…MORE

Because It Makes an Ass Out of U and Me

One thing I’ve heard from a lot of Republican acquaintances this week is “How could Scott Walker have lost?  The economy is doing great.  Everybody is working.  Taxes are lower.  What was there to hate?”  The results of Tuesday night show the dangers of assuming that everyone shares the same values as us Conservatives.  …MORE

It’s About Time Clerks Learned How to Do Their Jobs

I would like to congratulate municipal clerks here in Wisconsin for finally conducting a fair and honest election.  On neither Tuesday night nor Wednesday morning did I hear any of the allegations of election fraud that have become “commonplace” in recent years.   There have been no claims that Voter ID kept tens of thousands of…MORE

The Eclipse of Scott Walker

Someday, Wisconsin political historian will consider the high point of Scott Walker’s career to be the millisecond before Donald Trump descended down his tacky gold-painted escalator at Trump Tower to announce that he was joining the Republican primary race for President.   Up until that moment in time, Walker’s political arc had been both astounding…MORE

The Little Monsters

It used to be that parents would lie awake at night worrying that their kids were going to flunk out of school, or die in a car crash, or get pregnant while a teenager, or get abducted by a stranger in the park.  Today, parents need to lose sleep worrying that their kids are going to…MORE

Killing to Make Up Time

I’ve mentioned here before that I hate being late.  Failing to show up on time is the number one sign that you have no respect for other people–because you are basically saying that their time is not important to you.  And as a recent rash of school bus related crashes are showing, it means you…MORE

The Man Who Made the (Right) Wrong Decision

Former Packers Vice President of Football Operations Tom Braatz passed away this week.  For many fans Braatz was a minor character in the franchise’s history, but I would argue that he made a decision that has had the most-profound effect ever not only on the team, but on the City of Green Bay and Northeast…MORE


When the “Victims” Strike Back

A lot of terms were used to describe the man that opened fire on Republicans members of Congress at their baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday.  “Bernie Sanders supporter”, “left wing extremist”, “disturbed”, and “troubled” were the most common used by those investigating the matter, those who were among the targets and those who…

Less Than Compelling

Usually us curmudgeons like to go on and on about how sports, music and movies were better in “our day”.  I think that you can add Congressional hearings to that list as well.  That’s what I was thinking during both the James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony the last couple of weeks.  While…

Un-settling the Science

While James Comey was sucking up all the oxygen in the room, there was a pretty major science announcement last week.  It turns out that the human species might be much older than we originally thought.  Fossils found in Morocco place our earliest ancestors on the planet as far back as 350-thousand years ago.  Until…

Open Week

Welcome to US Open week here in Wisconsin.  Many of you will be venturing down to Erin (or Hartford or Richfield–I’ve seen all three used to describe the location of the course in stories) for practice rounds the next three days–or for the competitive rounds Thursday through Sunday (and possibly Monday–more on that later).  Here…